POCARI SWEAT Releases Summer ’23 U.S. Ad: “Squeeze Every Drop Out of Life” Produced by STORIES®

Major global restorative beverage brand POCARI SWEAT has released their latest full length ad as part of their ongoing expansion into the U.S. market.

The spot, directed by Kevin Lin with creative direction from Gene Ivery, highlights Pocari Sweat’s 2023 campaign message  “Squeeze Every Drop Out of Life, Put it Back with Pocari Sweat,” and stars Division One USC tennis athlete Payton Saca, who serves and rallies for a crucial point as different versions of her character surround her on the court, reflecting the unseen, lifelong journey behind every feat of athleticism. Beyond digital promotion, the 30-second spot has aired at Angels Stadium, as part of an ongoing partnership with Pocari Sweat. The video in its different formats was produced by STORIES®, and has been viewed more than half a million times on youtube alone.